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Greenwood Estates Residential Subdivision

Greenwood Estates Residential Subdivision, Coalhurst, Alberta

Martin Geomatic Consultants (MGCL) completed project management, engineering planning and design, legal surveys, topographical surveys, construction support, and contract administration for this 53-lot residential subdivision in Coalhurst, Alberta. Surrounded by existing development within the town, the infill nature of this site provided some unique challenges for the design of the grading plan to tie-in to existing grades while accommodating drainage. This involved new concrete swales and rehabilitation of an existing lane bordering the development area, which required the relocation of an existing gas line, coordination with shallow electric and communication utilities, crossing deep water and sewer utilities, installation of new storm sewer system that included pipe, orifice plate, manholes, and catch-basins, and improving access for residents to the existing garages, driveways, and fence gates. Public communication and accommodating access for residents during construction of the lane involved the teamwork of the consultant, contractor, and the town.

Cottonwood Estates Residential Subdivision

Cottonwood Estates Residential Subdivision, Coaldale, Alberta

Martin Geomatic Consultants has provided all planning, including preparation of the ASP/outline plan and master drainage plan, detailed engineering design, construction management, and legal survey services for this +150-acre residential development as well as coordinating the approval process from its inception through to the completion of construction.

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Westview Estates Residential Subdivision, Taber, Alberta

Martin Geomatic Consultants undertook the planning and design of all site works for this 150-acre residential development. MGCL performed all-storm water management modeling, designed all facilities, and obtained all government and local authority approvals. Work in this development  included devising a multi-phase staged plan to manage storm water rate and quality while providing public amenities (parks). It also included complete outline planning of roads and utilities for the entire development – which is to be phased over several years. Discharge of runoff from the site was to a town sewer which was significantly over its design capacity. Martin Geomatic Consultants solved this problem by designing a unique off-peak release system that did not involve pumping.

Chinook Business Park, Lethbridge, Alberta

Martin Geomatic Consultants (MGCL) provided engineering design, storm water management planning and modeling, construction management, legal surveys, and construction layout for this highway commercial development encompassing approximately 130 acres in the city of Lethbridge. This project was “fast-tracked”, and the first major industrial enterprise in the area opened less than 8 months from the start of construction. In addition to normal services, MGCL designed a constructed wetland for storm water detention and treatment. MGCL also designed the storm water and sanitary sewer lift stations.

Coulee Creek Residential Subdivision

Coulee Creek residential subdivision, Lethbridge AB

MGCL has provided planning and engineering design, construction administration, legal surveys, and construction layout for this landmark residential development in the City of Lethbridge. Professional services provided included Project Management, Outline Plan Amendments, land planning and approvals, site investigation, detailed designs, construction drawings, specifications, & City & Alberta Environment approval for each phase of the development. Utilities addressed were site grading, sanitary & storm systems including storm pond & sanitary lift station, water distribution, deep lot services, roadways and sidewalks.  Coordination & approvals were undertaken to allow for construction of all shallow utilities. 

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Whiskey Jack resort development, Sparwood BC (2012-2014)

MGCL has provided the design and future planning of municipal water, wastewater and stormwater systems in a golf course resort community in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Some of the unique features on the underground system include sanitary drop manholes to limit hydraulic velocities in the steep mountainous terrain, and installing rock sumps for foundation drainage, and utilizing highly permeable gravel /cobble subsurface to infiltrate runoff in order to allow significant cost savings on the stormwater minor system. The project included a deep sanitary trunk (750m length of 300mm PVC at 6.0m depth) for servicing both the resort community as well as future offsite land.

Pepsi-Co Frito Lay Expension

Pepsi-co Frito Lay Expension, Lethbridge AB

This project involved relocation and redesign of the main entrance road, site civil design for a new product sorting & storage building, & the redesign and paving of the trailer storage parking lot.  Professional services provided by MGCL included complete existing site and topographical survey & drawings.  Detailed design of new entrance road & parking for new building; including coordination of site work with the owner, architect, & the City. Preparation of construction plans & specifications, site storm water management plan with storage pond, & tender documents & tendering. Contract management & construction supervision were also part of our scope of services for Phase 1.  Phase 2 involved project management, detailed design, plan, specifications, tender documents, contract management, construction layout & construction inspections for the trailer parking area for approximately 120 trailers.

Heritage Lane Rehabilitation

Heritage Lane Rehabilitation, Lethbridge AB

Martin Geomatic Consultants Ltd. (MGCL) undertook the Project Management, Engineering Design and Construction Management for the Heritage Circle Lane Rehabilitation project. The project included about 800 m of lane reconstruction including an extensive weeping tile system to collect and convey the surface and ground water. In addition to extensive management and coordination, this project required special attention to the necessity of providing a functional upgrade while minimizing the impact on the surrounding development. MGCL provided design engineering and resident inspection services for the project which involved the stormwater system, underground utility, subgrade reconstruction and lane paving, and successfully guided the overall process to a safe and satisfactory completion for both the our client and the surrounding neighbourhood.

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Railside business industrial park, lethbridge county, ab

Martin Geomatic Consultants Ltd. (MGCL) has provided the municipal and civil site development engineering, project management, construction supervision, legal surveys, and construction survey layout for this highway commercial development. The scope of design services included site grading, underground utilities, internal road network, and stormwater management. The design challenges included working with the existing topography to create the grading and stormwater plan to achieve adequate drainage for the area, and to handle interim and ultimate build out scenarios for the 10 years of staged development.

Center village mall upgrade, lethbridge ab

This project involved the demolition of Zellers and the construction of the new Save-On-Foods, London Drugs, & Dollar Tree.  MGCL was responsible for the site surveying and site civil engineering for the site development.  Services included working with the architects & other subconsultants with respect to building locations and site work designs.  MGCL prepared a complete existing site & topographical survey & drawings.  Detailed design, construction plans, specifications, construction inspections, & post construction services. This included site removals, storm water management, site grading, design of parking layout & pavement structures, relocation and construction of new deep utilities & site landscaping.

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